SELFIE SELFIE SELFIE, all over the place.
I can see that my blog is not doing quite well, so I thought I had to save it by posting a shiet ton of selfies. Why is that whenever someone is posting a selfie online it gets more attention, and likes than other post?

Meanwhile, post that I've spent time and energy on, which is more thoughtful and is way more clever..never gets the same amount of attention or comments. On the other hand a selfie post, sparks so much more life in the comment section.

Anyways, these photos was taken at the Hanuel Park aka Skypark on the outskirt of Seoul.
This was one of the first visits, I was super excited and it was way more beautiful than I've imagined. But the downside, was that I didn't bring a model that day, it was only me and LV. So my friend LV, had to put up with my graceful model act. You can all see how comfortable I am in front of the camera, and my graceful movements.

Lets just call this experience a test shoot, before the real deal arrives. I was so taken aback how beautiful this place was, that I had to come back another time with a model..and I did. The photoshot will be upload in the near future.... But I have to meation, photo shot turned out to be amazing and beyond my expectations .


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  • 11.05.2017, 23:20
  • 2 kommentarer
  • 2 kommentarer


    12.05.2017 kl.00:24

    Elsker bildene!


    12.05.2017 kl.00:26

    Victoria: Tusen takk :)

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