Welcome to my youtube channel!

Well, here it is. The youtube intro. Hope this is the start of my youtube channel! This trailer took me 6 hours to make, but it was so pleasant to work with my new SSD disk. The SSD disk  just loaded all the files so fast, and Final cut never crashed which is used to do.

I hope you like this small trailer, and please remember to subscribe to my youtube channel to get updates! I have to run out of the door now, because I am literally 2 hours a late for a parteyyy..and I didn't even get dressed yet -_-

Have a nice weekend, bye! 

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  • 31.03.2017, 21:17
  • 4 kommentarer
  • 4 kommentarer

    Victoria Larsen

    31.03.2017 kl.21:24

    s stilig :D


    03.04.2017 kl.20:28


    r du kanske intresserad av en personlig bloggdesign eller drmhemsida som byggs upp efter dina egna nskeml? :)

    Glada hlsningar

    Kashma Izat

    Tessa Bennett

    08.04.2017 kl.16:09

    S fin video! :)

    Charlene N. Nedrum

    11.04.2017 kl.14:29

    s stilig! skal absolutt abbonere, du finner min her:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCo94gAIAkVo2dUXYmjBXkuQ ;)

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