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Hiii!Welcome to my blog! I just want to say that I'm born and raised in Norway, but I choose to write all my blog post in English because I?m more comfortable with it. This blog will be like my online diary where I write about my adventures in Seoul as an exchange student :)

Now, lets talk about Teamlab, which is where I got these beautiful pictures from. 
This location is from #Teamlab inside Lotteworld in #Seoul. The fee for getting in was a little bit high, if I recall it was around 20.000 won = 20 euro. The experience was very unique and fun..but not completely worth 20.000 won. Pictures wouldn't do justice how pretty it was in the flower garden.

It wasn't real flower, but more likely projected flowers all over the room. It was so magical!
It was the best part, the rest of tour was pretty meh..it was more for kids. Some activities included drawing, and printing your drawing into a scanner which would later project into the wall as a living creature. I drew a turtle, and the scanner gave it life.  I think Teamlab is more suited for family activities, but if you really want that unique selfie picture on the flower wall,  you could consider a visit.

On to another topic, I finally got my new SSD into my mac from 2012.
My macbook is super fast right now! Im so super impressed how fast my macbook opens programs and just read the files so much faster. Now, that my macbook is superior I might consider editing my vlogs from Seoul. It's just..I need to mustard up some courage to put my face and voice online...( that might take a while )

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  • 30.03.2017, 17:04
  • 8 kommentarer
  • 8 kommentarer


    30.03.2017 kl.19:48

    Mange herlige bilder her :D

    (Enda godt du er fdt og oppvokst i Norge, for jeg suger i engelsk- ha ha) :D


    30.03.2017 kl.20:08

    Elevele: Takk takk :)

    Engelsk kan vre litt vanskelig i begynnelsen, men s ruller det ut av tunga nr man har ftt litt for mange l i seg..hahaha :P


    30.03.2017 kl.20:23

    Jeg fr begynne drikke litt da... :P ha ha


    30.03.2017 kl.20:33

    Elevele: Hahah, velse gjr mester!
    La oss drikke masse l og bli flinkere i engelsk :P


    30.03.2017 kl.20:39

    Skl ;)

    Victoria Larsen

    31.03.2017 kl.00:40

    S kule bilder! :D


    31.03.2017 kl.23:40



    01.04.2017 kl.12:49

    s rkule bilder :D

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